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The free anime RPG that overdelivers

Genshin Impact is a free role-playing game developed by miHoYo that lets you explore the colorful Genshin Impact map of Teyvat. The Genshin Impact tier list is based on 30 characters. Your view of the players is via a third-person perspective. You can curate an optimal team of four players to quickly switch between during the gameplay.

The developers published another RPG before Genshin Impact: Honkai Impact. Genshin Impact seems to be based on The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. You can scale structures by climbing and soar through the air by gliding in both games. Black Desert, Blue Protocol, Dragon Raja, and League of Legends are comparable battle-based video games.

Why is Genshin Impact so popular?

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play adventure game that delivers pristine graphics. The vast Genshin Impact interactive map gives you plenty of places to discover. The open-world environment is filled with chests, collectibles, and puzzles. You will come across bosses and enemies that you need to battle during your journey. The dungeons are typical places for combat.

Simple decisions can lead to multi-faceted chain reactions. You may open a treasure chest that unlocks a quest or follow a non-player character to a boss fight. You unlock new characters as the game progresses. Each player has a specific weapon and skillset. The skillsets are often based on the basic elements: wind, ice, nature, electricity, water, earth, and fire.

The elements are referred to as Anemo, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Hydro, Geo, and Pyro. The elements form a key part of Genshin Impact. The terrain and villains react to each element differently. You can create your team of four based on complementary powers. Since the players are quickly switchable, you can chain together various elements.

The elemental powers interact with each other to let you build a balanced team. Battles are fast-paced, since invaders attack quickly and  you can immediately change characters. You can scan your environment with elemental vision to determine your next best move. Gathering is an important part of the Genshin Impact. Your standard inventory can hold up to 2,000 items.

You can pick up accessories, food, tools, weapons, etc. Each of the items has a description available in your inventory. You can cook recipes with the food your gather to give you fuel. Your meal will need to be cooked over a cauldron of fire. If the fire is not lit enough, then you will need to use a team member with a pyro power.

What is the goal of Genshin Impact?

Your ultimate goal in Genshin Impact is to find your separated sibling. The storyline begins with you and your sibling jumping into a different dimension. A Goddess appears to block you both from entering into the realm. A brief battle takes place that the Goddess wins. You get to choose which twin brother or sister you want to continue as.

You're unconscious until you wake up on a beach with a newfound partner: Paimon. Your floating friend serves as your Genshin Impact guide. Even the main menu is titled the ‘Paimon Menu’. The plot can be told by the characters in a dubbed English dialog. You can interact with the conversation in some instances by choosing a witty response.

While you search for the Goddess to get your twin back, you help locals by completing tasks. The magnificent world features stunning graphics and sounds. Each territory has a distinct atmosphere. The characters instantly respond to commands that you make with controls. While Genshin Impact is a primarily single-player game, the option to play multiplayer mode is available after a certain period.

Adventure level 16 unlocks the multiplayer mode. Adventure level 16 is available after approximately 15 hours of playing. While Genshin Impact is not primarily an MMO, you can still team up with people to play together. Three players can join your world. Since you do not need to stick together, each player is free to roam around.

Is Genshin Impact good?

Genshin Impact is a generous gacha game. Genshin Impact is a rare free-to-play game that does not require you to pay to win. You can naturally gain in-game currencies by playing. Primogems are the main form of currency in the game. Approximately 15 additional currencies are available to earn: crystals, gold, gems, resin, stardust, tokens, etc.

You do not need to spend your real money to finish Genshin Impact, although in-app purchases will speed up the gameplay. While the later levels require more grinding, the earlier games are easy to play without paying. The optimal characters, materials, and weapons can be gained from Wish packs. Wish packs are loot boxes.

Valuable items make up less than one percent of Wish boxes. Since the powerful players and objects are in Wish packs, either in-game or real payments are made to open a Wish box. Gacha models are often referred to as gambling games. If you use real money to pay to open a Wish box, then your risk of losing that money is high.

It will all depend on whether you really want a playable character on your team. Returning limited-time characters like Albedo and Eula are popular and highly sought-after for a good reason—and you'll have the chance to get more of the other limited-one characters thanks to the new Wish Event type. Meanwhile, getting new characters such as Gorou and Arataki Itto can be a good investment, too. They will be of great help in defeating the dangerous Golden Wolflord boss.

What is Genshin Impact available on?

Genshin Impact came out in September 2020. The game is available on consoles, desktops, and mobile applications. You can download Genshin Impact on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows PC (including Windows 11), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can control your characters with the controller, keyboard, mouse, and touch screen, depending on the electronic device.

A refreshing action game

Genshin Impact is an attractive game filled with bright landscapes and animated anime characters. The map features multiple countries that each holds secrets to unlock. An appealing element of culture is integrated into the setting. You can unlock all of the characters by completing the list of quests. Additionally, you can receive inventory from NPCs to whom you talk.

What’s new?

The Genshin Impact gameplay is still being developed. The developers are committed to optimizing the user experience. New features and storylines are being built.


  • Large map
  • Cross platform
  • Plenty of players
  • High quality graphics
  • Quick responses to commands


  • Gacha model

Older versions

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Genshin Impact for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.1
  • 4.4
  • (153)
  • Security Status

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